Name: Wolfsbane

Wolfbane's official catchphrase: Hack And Slash

Species: Cursed Werewolf Elf

Story: Wolfsbane was once a normal elf on a mining expidition with his crew. On their way through the mine, they discovered a pack of werewolves, the natural predator of elves. They discovered, in the werewolf den, a treasure trove of gold and an ancient tablet. The tablet said whoever should take the gold from the werewolf den shall be cursed forever to live as a werewolf. Wolfsbane's crew decided to leave taking the curse very seriously. But obviously Wolfsbane did not believe in the curse and took the gold anyway and upon taking one piece of gold he was turned into a werewolf but unlike other werewolfs he was able to keep his speech, mind and launguage. With regret and sorrow in his heart, Wolfsbane got a new outlook on life and is willing to protect skylands at all costs.

Fun Fact: Wolfsbane loves gold, but can't stand the sight of silver. He can't pick up silverware, silver crosses, and silver linings.

Attack 1: Werewolf Melee (Wolfsbane unleashes a combo attack with his claws).

Attack 2: Sonic Howl (Wolfsbane charges up a sonic howl)

Attack 3: Bone Burier (Wolfsbane digs undergrond, which damages enemies, jumps out of the ground, and performs a dog pile slam)