Name: Whirlpool

Whirlpool's official catchphrase: Let's go for a Spin

Species: Whale Runt

Story: Whirlpool was in a tribe of whalemen when he was young. Unlike his fellow whalemen, Whirlpool was the first man sized whaleman in years. He was looked down upon by all of his clan and was not allowed to join in any of their activities. His brother, Thumpback, was the only one who was ever nice to him. He said that Whirlpool could come with him on a pirate ship cruise. As they got midway into the trip, actual pirates invaded the ship and made Whirlpool walk the plank. When he jumped, he ended up jumping into a whirpool and supposedly died. But, Whirlpool didn't and actually gained extraordinary powers that made him welcomed by Eon, the skylanders, and his giant big bro.

Fun Fact: Being trapped in the whirlpool, Whirlpool dosen't get dizzy easily except when he sees a whirlpool. That's when you need to bring out the mop.

Attack 1: Cannonball (Whirlpool jumps into the air and performs a cannonball that damages nearby enemies).

Attack 2: Whirlpool Wave (Whirlpool creates a whirlpool that sucks in nearby enemies and than the whirlpool becomes a wave of water).

Attack 3: Water Spout (Whirlpool shoots a spurt of water from his blowhole, acting like a missile, and targets his enemies).

Soul Gem: Oh, Brother! (Whirlpool takes a page out of Thumpback's book. While creating a whirlpool, press Attack 1 to spray water and starfish nearby).