whiplash a member of the team known as the elemental shifters


whiplash was born and raised in a dark place ravaged with horror, monsters, and chaos. at the age of seven, whiplash became the sole survivor of a attack by kaos. whiplash's now sole possesion was a whip. for eleven years, whiplash trained himself to one day take kaos himself. on his journey to kaos' castle, he came across a village much like the one that was his original home, being attacked by  goliath trolls. taking action, he secured all the villagers in a safe place. he then used his whip to fight off the trolls. in the midst of the fight, ghost roaster joined in. witnessing his skill and bravery, ghost roaster invited him to be a skylander.


attack 1-whiplash's whip: use your whip to damage enemies

attack 2-whip shield: form the whip into a spectral shield, taking damage for whiplash for a limited time

attack 3-whip wrap: wrap enemies in the whip, temporarily immobilizing them. press (attack 1 button) during whip wrap to swing the enemy in a circle, damaging nearby enemies


when in elements other than undead, whiplash's whip becomes adjusted to the power of those elements, causing additional damage or effects

FIRE: the whip becomes lit on fire, causing enemies to become burned when attacked, providing additional damage

LIFE: the whip summons spore attacks, which have multiple effects such as poisoning, paralyzing, or even making enemies fall asleep

MAGIC: the whip shield launches magic spheres, damaging enemies