Name: Warmong

Warmong's official catchphrase: Fists Of Fury

Species: Four Armed Stone Yeti

Story: Warmong was a strong general of an ancient Stone Yeti army. He conquered islands all over Skylands to the point where he had control over half of Skylands. But, this was not enough for Warmong. He felt a thing was missing from his life, even though he had riches, art, and control. Then, a soldier came to the general, speaking of a group of heroes who went on adventures and protected the innocent. With his intrigue peaked, he joined the skylanders and is ready to fight.

Fun Fact: After he left for the Skylanders, he left his army to his private, Stew Pid. That is why the Stone Yeti's race was short lived and ancient.

Attack 1: Yeti Sledgehammer (Warmong throws powerful punches with all four fists)

Attack 2: Terracotta Soldiers (Warmong summons a soldier that will trap enemies. Upgrades allow the soldiers to damage enemies and explode)

Attack 3: Yeti Stone Ramhorns (Warmong charges at enemies with stone ramhorns)