Name: Volcanic Beast

Volcanic Beast's official catchphrase: "Unleash the Beast"

Species: Beast (Elf) Volcanic (Lava Lizard)

Story: In the same jousting league as Fright Rider, there was an elf named Beast and his glorious lava lizard, Volcanic, that made one of the greatest jousting duos in all of Skylands. In fact, they were the competitors that fought Fright and Rider in the championship. After Fright and Rider were sent to the land of the Undead, Beast followed in pursuit only to be sent to the land of Fire. Not wanting to be without his partner, Beast jumped into a lava pool in hopes of braving a journey back to his beloved friend. After escaping the land and reclaiming his ally, he rejoined his former rival in the efforts of helping the weak-and sometimes joust against his undead competition.

Fun Fact: The bond between Volacanic and Beast is so strong, that they can even talk to each other. Their bond sometimes even astonishes Fright Rider. Slightly evens startles them.

Attack 1: Fists O' Fire (Beast dismounts Volcanic and delivers a fiery melee attack. Upgrades allow for new types of melee attacks).

Attack 2: Lava Lance (Volcanic Beast charges foward and strikes all enemies in his way).

Attack 3: Volcanic Burst (Volcanic leaves Beast so that he can attack enemies with his own powers; Flamethrower, Summon Volcano, Trail Blaze. Upgrades allow Beast to attack on his own).