Species: Whale-like Behemoth
Gender: Male
Role: Ally
Homeworld: Skylands
Element: Water
Appearances: Skylanders: Giants
Attacks/Actions: Anchor Assault

Belly Flop A Whale Of A Chomp The Whalest Chomp Now There's An Anchor!

English Voice Actor: Unknown
"Hail to the Whale!"
—Thumpback's official catchphrase

Thumpback is a whale-like monster who is one of the eight Giants in Skylanders: Giants.





Thumpback was once a crew member of The Phantom Tide, the most fearsome pirate ship in all of Skylands. But the actual pirating part about being a pirate didn't interest Thumpback so much as the benefits that came with traveling on a large ship. After all, his real passion was fishing. But when his chance came to finally ensnare the most elusive creature in the sky - the Leviathan Cloud Crab - he was pulled over board and carried off into the horizon. This was actually quite fortunate, because sometime later The Phantom Tide and its entire crew were banished to the Chest of Exile. Thumpback’s pirating days were over, but his legend as one of the first Skylanders had only just begun.


Thumpback represents the Water element in a big way. He has a huge anchor-based melee attack and crushing (literally) alternate attacks. Thumpback's regular melee attacks has excellent range, and can hit enemies halfway across the screen. Additionally, Thumpback can slide on his belly, quickly dashing by enemies, but inflicting huge damage on the way. He also has a massively damaging Chomp attack that can crush enemies at close-range.

Thumpback's anchor attack is massively powerfu in both damage and range in the Anchor's A Yay!! path, improving the attack with extra combos and even more damage makes him as effective as possible in combat.


  • Console Stats
  • Power Stats

These are the starting and maximum statistics for this Skylander in the console version of the games.

  • Health: 460 (max. 920)
  • Speed: 20 (max. 68)
  • Armor: 30 (max. 60)
  • Critical Hit: 25 (max. 75)
  • Elemental Power: 25 (max. 100)

Powers and UpgradesEdit

  • Console
  • 3DS
  • Webgame

Basic Abilities

These abilities are available from the start of the game.

Soul Gem Ability

Requires Soul Gem from: Glacier Gully

Wow Pow Power
Anchor Assault Belly Flop Blowhard None

Primary AbilityPress the Attack 1 button to swing Thumpback's anchor at enemies. Press Attack 1, Attack 1, Hold Attack 1 for a special combo!


Secondary AbilityPress Attack 2 to dive into a belly flop, damaging enemies.


Price: 4000While belly sliding, press the Attack 1 button to spray water and starfish.

148pxThis Skylander has no Wow Pow Power.

Basic UpgradesSkylanders can buy new abilities from Persephone.

A Whale Of A Chomp The Whalest Chomp Now There's An Anchor! Slippery Belly

Price: 500Press Attack 3 for a big, whale-sized chomp.


Price: 700Bigger, most powerful Whale Chomp attack.


Price: 900Increases Anchor Assault's damage.


Price: 1200Slide longer after a belly flop and do increased damage.

Anchor's A-Yay!!Provides more upgrades for the Anchor attacks.

Thumpback Combos Bermuda Triangle Ultimate Anchor

Price: 1700Press Attack 1, Attack 1, and Hold attack 2 for Power Swing. Press Attack 1, Attack 1, and Hold Attack 3 for Whirlpool Ripper.


Price: 2200Increases the power of the Whirlpool Ripper combo attack.


Price: 3000Best anchor you can find! Does maximum damage.

Up Close And PersonalProvides more upgrades for the Belly Flop and Chomp attacks.

Breakfast in Bed Armor Of The Sea Bash Sushi

Price: 1700While Belly sliding, press Attack 3 to chomp enemies.


Price: 2200Seashells make for better armor.


Price: 3000Hold the Attack 3 button to release a stream of projectile water vomit, damaging enemies.


Battle CriesEdit

  • "Turning the tide!"
  • "You're in the splash zone!"
  • "Hail to the Whale!"

Commercial QuotesEdit

Character TrailerEdit

[ Skylanders Giants - Meet the Skylanders - Thumpback (Hail to the Whale)(00:36) 9,187 views]Added by Aura24


[3]Thumpback toy figure, the blue barnacles glow when places on the Portal of Power[4]Thumpback's game render[5]Thumpback Trailer Screenshot[6]Thumpback's toy figure[7]Thumpback taking on two Goliath Drows Add a photo to this gallery==Trivia==

  • While Thumpback speaks with normal accent in the commercials, he speaks with a deep, thick Scottish accent in the game.
  • His name is a play on the animal "Humpback Whale", which he is also based on.
  • He has the Water symbol on a plate on his back.