Name: Tentavolt

Tentavolt's official catchphrase: Brines and Brawn/Shocker Punch

Species: Electric Squidface

Story: Coming from Dark Water Cove, Tentavolt has a bad reputation and is known for theft and assault. It wasn't until one day he stole a yoat in the middle of a storm that he realized the error of his ways. It was just when he wished he could change his fate when he was rescued by Zap and his family of electric eels. Tentavolt has then on been Zap's disciple and a skylander as well.

Fun Fact: Tentavolt, having a bad reputation, is disliked by many areas of Skylands. So things get messy when he and his fellow heroes go on a mission together.

Attack 1: Lightning Anchor (Tentavolt swings his mighty anchor that has been electrified).

Attack 2: Starfish Blaster (Tentavolt blasts his enemies with exploding, electrified starfishes).

Attack 3: Tenta-coil (Tentavolt stretches out a tentacle trap that captures enemies. Upgrades allow the traps to do actual damage).