Skylanders Titans is the name of this game. It has new Titan skylanders which are very big like giants and have 2 soul gems. The second one is like a Wow pow. Also they have big giant weapons.

The Titans were before the giants even before skylanders. When only few existed the Titans were some of them. Defeating the bad guys with their weapons, one time they were facing the evilest of evil villains. They defeated him and the villain exploded. Almost everything got destroyed. Later when Eon was alive and the Titans were gone, the legend was still told. But one day during a party they crashed down from the sky and that's how they became skylanders.


(Magic)Hydro,giant purple snake with wings and Little T rex hands with dragon Tooth weapon,Attack 1 shoots magic fire balls,Attack 2 swipe with dragons tooth,Soul gem 1 all three heads shoot giant blast of magic,Soul gem 2 dives into the ground and makes a giant shockwave of magic.


(Earth)Muddy,mud like human guy,Attack 1 swipes mud hand at enemies,Attack 2 throws mud ball at enemies,Soul gem slams the ground with mud everywhere enemies walk slow in mud.

(Tech)Blastroid,robot with blasters for arms and fire comes out of a hole in its waist so it can fly,Attack 1 blast from its blaster,Attack 2 charges forward and hits enemies,Soul gem does a super blast that is so big.

Series 2

(Tech)Boom boom countdown,you know from swap force,Wow pow turns into a nuclear bomb and explodes and wipes the floor.

More coming soon.