Name: Scorpaspell

Catchprase: Poisoned to Perflection

Species: Magical Scopian

Scorpaspell once lived in a family that consisted of over 20 members. One day Scorpaspell was off gathering food for his family. At the same time Kaos and his trolls were attacking the very big nest where Scorpaspell lived. Scorpaspell heard a boom. He was worried his family might be in danger. He rushed back only to find out that Kaos had left and the trolls were trying to steal his family's ancient relic. So Scorpaspell used all of the magic and poison that he possesed to fight off the trolls. Eventually, The trolls retreated, leaving the relic behind. When Master Eon heard about this, he asked Scorpaspell to join the skylanders so he could fight off against Kaos and the forces of evil.

Attack 1: Acid Strike ( Scorpaspell strikes opponents with his tail and poisons them, leaving them parylized)

Attack 2: Toxic bite ( Scorpaspell unleashes a powerful bite that deals a lot of damage)

Attack 3: Summoning of the Scorpions ( Scorpaspell summons a small army of scorpions that can poison enemys)

Soul Gem: Poison Barrier ( Scorpaspell puts up a barrier that makes him invinsible for a short time)