Name: Saber

Saber's Official Catchphrase: "In Blackest Knight"

Species: Shadow Knight

Story: Saber once protected a mighty kingdom that lived long before the Skylanders protected his area. But, one day, a dark sorceror  who despised his order of knighthood cast a spell on the kingdom so that all the kingdom's dwellers would be forced into the land of the undead. In hopes of still protecting his kingdom, Saber went to make a deal with the ruler of the undead, Malefor. In exchange for his mortal body, he would spare all of the mortals in the land of the undead. Malefor agreed to the terms and sent Saber's soul to Eon's citadel where he possessed a suit of armor. After discovering Saber and hearing his plee, Eon gave him refuge in his castle and let him join the Skylanders in order for him to protect his kingdom and all of Skylands.

Fun Fact:

Attack 1: Spector Saber (Saber lets loose a fury of wild slashes with his giant sword. Upgrades allow new melee attacks).

Attack 2: Shadow Form (Saber's soul leaves his armor to attack his enemies. Upgrades allow increased duration and better armor).

Attack 3: Dark Thunder (Saber lifts his blade and conducts a grand bolt of black lightning).

Soul Gem: Cursed Necromancer Armor (Armor is at it's best with increased speed and shadow attack.