Name: Rhinosaurus

Rhinosaurus's Official Catchphrase: Charge Ahead

Species: Prehistoric Rhino

Story: Rhinosaurus was a peaceful prehistoric rhino who ate grass all day and didn't have a care in the world due to his larger size and huge horn. Then one day, an earthquake struck and buried him and his world alive. Like Drill Sergeant, it wasn't until a fateful collsion with Terrafin that he escaped the world below. Rhinosaurus became very loyal to Terrafin and became like a pet to him. Rhinosaurus to this day follows his new best friend as they work together to protect Skylands.

Fun Fact: Rhinosaurus knows nothing of the current era since he is prehistoric. Then again, maybe it's better that he dosen't fist bump anyone. He could crush someone.

Attack 1: Wild Charge (Rhinosaurus dashes forward and barrels over enemies)

Attack 2: Horn Missiles (Rhinosaurus shoots homing horn missiles that chase down enemies)

Attack 3: Quaker Stomp (Rhinosaurus slams his body on the ground, which causes an earthquake that damages nearby enemies)