Name: Quaker

Quaker's official catchphrase: Down to Earth

Species: Golem/Former Giant

Story: Quaker was originally a giant golem in the earth civilization. He believed giants were the most powerful and important creatures in all of Skylands. But, that all changed when the cyclopses chopped him down to the size of a normal man. This gave Quaker low self esteem and a loss of confidence. It wasn't until he ended up meeting Prism Break that he joined the skylanders and learned the true meaning of what it means to be a giant, to have a big heart.

Fun Fact: Quaker actually gained his giant powers back after sitting next to the Eternal Earth Source. Too bad he also makes giant earthquakes when he walks.

Attack 1: Strongarm (Quaker charges through enemies with extreme power and manueverability. Upgrades allow him to end his stampede with an elbow drop).

Attack 2: Shockwave Smash (Quaker slams the ground with his arm, causing mobile tremors).

Attack 3: Boulder Toss (Quaker grabs a rock right out of the ground, targets the enemy, and throws it at the enemy).