Name: Phaser

Phaser's official catchphrase: Phase Out

Species: Spell Punk

Story: A lover of the great gift of magic, Phaser enrapped himself in magic studies for all his life. His power grew to amazing levels and his mind was sharper than steel. But, everything changed when Kaos attacked. He forced Phaser to cast a spell on the Skylanders that would destroy them all. But, Phaser refused, knowing it was the wrong thing to do with his talent. Kaos was furious and destroyed his hidden library in doing so. With no where to go, he joined the Skylanders to get even with Kaos.

Attack 1: Summon Spell (Phaser casts an elemental spell that summons elemental power).

Attack 2: Spell Bomber (Phaser releases all his magic energy and explodes. He then phases through enemies and defeats them while being timed).

Attack 3: Magic Orb (Phaser shoots a ball of dark energy that explodes upon contact. Upgrades allow the orb to go      further.)

Soul Gem: Neon Strike ( Phaser summons  harsh light from the sky and shoots it at opponents)