Name: Oshean

Oshean's official catchphrase: Anchors Away

Species: Sea Dog

Story: Oshean was a member of Captain Frightbeard's pirate crew. Oshean, short for "The Meanest in the Ocean", showed no mercy to his victims and terrorized the Pirate Seas for years. One day, there was a storm that brought down Captain Frightbeard's ship. Oshean fell off the boat and no one tryed to help him. He treaded water for days until he was disovered by Slam Bam and Gill Grunt. Indebted to them, Oshean trained in the ways of the Water Skylanders.

Fun Fact: Besides pirate lingo, ship knowledge and pirate accessories, the only thing Oshean hasn't learned about being a pirate is how to swim. His only swimming manuver is the doggie paddle.

Attack 1: Sword of the 7 Seas (Oshean attacks his enemies by slashing and jabbing them with his pirate sword, freezing them in the process).

Attack 2: Crossbone Bury (Oshean digs undergrond, which damages enemies, jumps out of the ground, and performs a dog pile slam)

Attack 3: Pirate Cannons (Fire a cannonball made of water at enemies using placed, automatic cannons.Upgrades allow Oshean to turn the cannon in mini pirate ship and even fire himself at enemies).

Soul Gem: Set Sail for Treasure (During Crossbone Bury, Oshean can pick up treasure and food).