Name: Minoterra

Minoterra's Official Catchphrase: Stones Away

Species: Minotaur

Story: Minoterra was a Minotaur who was in charge of guarding Stonetown. All the people in the town looked up to and loved him. But, this popularity went to his head, causing him to egotistical and led him to focus on his own vanity and not the town. One night, after he finished working out at the gym, all of the towns people were captured by Kaos for soldiers and workers. Minoterra blamed himself for that incident and swore to find them one day. With a halberd in hand, Eon signed him up to protect Skylands.

Fun Fact: Minoterra has trained himself physically and spiritually for his own match with Kaos. Unfortunately, he forgot two things. One, he didn't train his mind, so... he's not so bright. And two, all that training left him with a lack of hygiene.

Attack 1: Heavy Halberd (Minoterra swings his halberd at enemies)

Attack 2: Stone Edges (Minoterra unleashes a fury of stones at enemies