Name: Magmadon

Magmadon's Official Catchphrase: Let It Flow

Species: Magma Hippo

Story: Magmadon the Magma Hippo, an endangered species that lived in volcanoes, was moved to the Popcorn Volcano in hopes of giving him a new, safe home where his species can recoup. On the day he was transported by the Skylanders to the volcano, the volcano erupted and Hot Dog was sent rocketing towards their camp site, leading Hot Dog and Magmadon to meet... oh, and the destruction of Gill Grunt's tent. Together, Hot Dog and him helped the Skylanders get through the wild fire that threatened them. After the completion of the mission, Magmadon decided to follow the Skylanders to meet Eon at his Citadel in hopes of becoming a Skylander like his new best friend.

Fun Fact: On his way to Eon's Citadel, Magmadon and Hot Dog become the best of of friends. While Hot Dog buried Eon's staff, Magmadon was leaving little, disturbing presents around the citadel.

Attack 1: Lava-lanche (Magmadon sends a wave of lava at his foes).

Attack 2: Flame Wheel (Magmadon rolls foward and flattens enemies).

Attack 3: Comet Catapult (Magmadon leaps into the air and crashes on the ground, knocking back enemies. Upgrades allows a wave of lava to form around him).