Name: Indigo

Indigo's official catchphrase: Crush, Smash, and Deploy

Species: Arkeyan Defender

Story: While Chop Chop scouried across Skylands, an Arkeyan Defender named Indigo awoke from a synthetic sleep. Not knowing who she was and who her family was, Indigo wandered the land until she was found by Spyro and Eon. Master Eon felt pity for the robot and decided to fill her with the magic energy from the Eternal Magic Source. Grateful for her new abilities and purpose, Indigo asked to join the Skylanders to defend the lost.

Attack 1: Arkeyan Mace (Indigo swings his mace at his enemies).

Attack 2: Arkeyan Field (Protect Indigo from most attacks and deflect projectiles. Upgrades allow him to joust with a lance).

Attack 3: Quicksilver Bolt (Attack enemies with damaging Quicksilver Bolts).

Soul Gem: Final Combat (  Swings axe uncontrably while moving )