Name: Icepick

Icepick's official catchphrase: Chill Out

Species: Ice Ogre

Story: Icepick was an ice ogre living in the Empire of Ice. Haldor showed him mercy after the skylanders destroyed the newest part of his kingdom. Showing thanks, Icepick began destroying the rest of the ice found in Haldor's empire. One day, on his daily rounds, Icepick discovered a pick axe that froze anything it touched. With intrigue about this weapon, he brought it to Haldor for further investigation. With astonishment, Haldor proclaimed it was the Pick Axe of Eternal Ice, a relic made by the Arkeyans during their invasion. Realizing the great power and potential he possesed, Haldor told Icepick's new duty was to protect skylands with his mighty tool.

Fun Fact: Icepick, despite his oath to Haldor, has always been obsessed with snow. In fact, he asked Haldor for Christmas if he could give him a snowball machine gun. Although, Haldor was worried that he'll "shoot his eye out".

Attack 1: Icepick's Ice Pick (Icepick swings his Ice Pick of Eternal Ice).

Attack 2: Snow Bowl (Icepick shoots ice beams that make giant snow balls. Upgrades allow him to ride inside the snowball).

Attack 3: Snowball Machine Gun (Icepick draws out his snowball machine gun that rotates and shoots at an accelerated rate).