Name: Hydrava

Hydrava's Official Catchphrase: Three Heads Are Better Than One

Species: Hydra

Story: Hydrava were once three seperate beings, Hy, Dra, and Va. Hydrava were triplets, but they hated each other to the point of exhaustion. The ironic thing was that these three fire dragons were useless unless they worked together. One day, Kaos started experimenting on a magical volcano of which the three brothers inhabited. During the experiment, the volcano became unstable and caused Hydrava to fall into the lava. At first, all seemed dark for the triplets, until they reappeared, as one being. Apparently, the lava's magical properties caused Hy, Dra, and Va to merge and become a hydra. With a burning feeling in their hearts, Hy, Dra, and Va put aside their differences and became an unstoppable fighting force for good as Hydrava.

Fun Fact: Hydrava still has trouble coming to terms with their teamwork. In a fight, one will be thinking up a strategy, one will be beating the snot out of the enemy, and one will be blowing dandelions.

Attack 1: Hot Shot (Hydrava shoots a fireball at his enemies. Upgrades allow more heads to shoot fire with more power).

Attack 2: Heads Up, Team (Hydrava sends one head to attack continuously while the other heads are free. Upgrades allow more heads to join the attack).

Attack 3: Fire Fly (Hydrava takes to the sky, sort of, which increases Hydrava's speed).