Name: Hydrodile

Hydrodile's official catchphrase: Don't Mock the Croc

Species: Aqua Crocodile

Story: Hydrodile was the only living predator known in Leviathan Lagoon. He even makes the Leviatan itself swim away in fear. But, because of his scary demeanor, he had no friends and was extremely lonely. That was, until the skylanders came to the lagoon in search of the Eternal Water Source. Jumping at his chance, Hydrodile leaped out of the water and pounced on Chill. Love was in the air, along with about a dozen arrows shot by Flameslinger. Things kept on getting more violent until Eon showed up and stopped the skirmish with Spyro. Knowing there was nothing for him there and seeing his fighting abilities, Eon invited him to join the skylanders.

Fun Fact: Hydrodile has a huge crush on Chill, but is hopeless when it comes to it. He ended up giving hen an exploding starfish as a gift.

Attack 1: Munch N' Crunch (Hydrodile takes a huge bite out of his enemies).

Attack 2: Leviathan Throw (Hydrodile grabs the Leviathan and literally tosses him at his enemies, doing major damage).

Attack 3: Surfer Smash (Hydrodile surfs on a wave and smashes into enemies. Upgrades allow him to blast short waves at his enemies).