Name: Heat Smash

Heat Smash's Official Catchphrase: Fire at Will

Species: Fire Feaster

Story: Heat Smash's origin and family are unknown. But, we do know that Heat Smash's entire body is enveloped in fire itself. It's raw power and blazing heat supports the theory that the fire comes the Eternal Fire Source. Like his identity, how he obtained this power is a mystery. Some believe he was one of the once plentiful Portal Masters, but died protecting the Core of Light during a fire. As previously stated, Heat Smash had unbridled control over flames that would burn down everything he touched. However, Eon saw greatness in the Fire Feaster and decided to build him his own stone castle so he wouldn't burn down any villages. Although it was difficult to fit in with the Skylanders, what with his ominous look and destructive power, he eventually gained their trust and is seen as a proud Skylander.

Fun Fact: Heat Smash's life style had a small flaw. He eventually has to leave his castle to protect others, even though he ends up burning everything.

Attack 1: Path of Fire (Heat Smash breathes fire that leaves a trail of fire. Upgrades increase duration and range).

Attack 2: Flame Pillar (Heat Smash creates a ring of fire columns, which burns enemies while protecting himself).

Attack 3: Self Destruct (Heat Smash explodes into a giant flame. Upgrades allow fireballs to rain out of the explosion).