Name: Graze

Graze's official catchphrase: Shock and Jaw

Species: Robot

Story: Made by trolls for chompies, Graze was a Chompy Bot 8,000. Used for the Game of Boom, Graze or "The Chompy Grazer" lived out his days shooting chompies from one hand and dynamite from the other. But, since trolls are trolls, they wanted to improve the device. They added the lost Golden Gear, sparking actual life into the machine. Graze quickly noticed the threat these creatures were causing to machines or "his brothers" and immediately shot them back to Kaos' Castle. Joining the Tech Skylanders was the best beginning of his new life.

Fun Fact: Graze is almost mezmorized by anything that blows up.

Attack 1: Chompy Missile (Graze fires chompies as missiles. Upgrades allow him to shoot new chompies by holding Attack 1).

Attack 2: Rocket Fists (Graze's arms shoot off his shoulders and target his enemies)

Attack 3: Pod Spawn (Shoot chompies into the air, target where they land, and then the defeated chompies spawn Chompy Pods).

Soul Gem: Great Gatling Grazer Laser (Graze's cannon is upgraded, now with three chmpies per shot and with an accelerated rate).

(ALL CHOMPIES: Chompies, Bone Chompies, Armored Chompies, Enfuego Chompies, Frigid Chompies).