Name: Fire Storm

Official Catchphrase: Rain of Fire

Species: Fuse Beast

Story: Fire Storm was a fuse beast that could emit potent fire from all over his body. He would often lose his temper and cause much destruction. He could only be calmed down by bathing in flames. Outside of his angry shell, he felt lonley because his destruction caused all the other fuse beasts to shun him. Then one day, he met a skylander named Eruptor who taught him how to control his temper and use his powers for good. After that, he began to make friends in the Skylanders and battled the forces of evil with his firey powers.

Fun Fact: Being a fuse beast, Fire Storm has the tendency to "blow up" in anger. One time he had blown his temper, he blew up the Troll's entire dynamite factory...which blew up half of the island.

Attack 1: Fire Breath (Fire Storm shoots a stream of fire from his mouth. Upgrade allows him to also shoot missles)

Attack 2: Hot Headshot (Fire Storm shoots his own head, which is a giant fireball. Upgrades allow a longer duration of attack and Fire Storm throws bombs during his head's abscense)

Attack 3: Rocket Blast (Fire Storm flies at enemies with his rocket feet for speed and attack)