elemental shifters are a special class of skylanders that can actually shif their elements, which have effects on their attacks and abilities.


(read in eon's slightly annoying voice) one fateful day 1 year ago, a new team of skylanders were entrusted to transport the core of light to a distant forest where kaos would never tread (he was banned forever!). the team of 8 skylanders set off in a airship after preperations were complete. however, about halfway to thier destination, kaos had sent a fleet of trolls, greebles, drow, and yes even chompies to intercept them in an airship. the attack was unsucessful, however, the damage to the core of light caused the heroes to be exposed to a undiscovered magic. after the core of light repaired itself, the heroes noticed something strange about both themselves and their allies. they each had become a different element. soon learning to control their new power, they learned that each of them could become four different elements. still learning how to completely use their powers to their full potential, these skylanders have ever since been known as the elemental shifters.

SKYLANDERS (capitalized elements are the original elements, regular ones are the ones they can become, as well as captialized element)

whiplash (UNDEAD,fire,life,magic)

bronze fish (WATER, tech, fire, earth)

parascope (AIR, fire, water, magic)

bushoid (LIFE, air, earth, tech)

triple B (TECH, undead, water, life)

steamburner (FIRE, magic, air, water)

granon (EARTH, undead, life, air)

copycat (MAGIC, earth, tech, undead)


each one (toy) will have a dial with the elemental symbol carved into it. each symbol will have a groove above it, which stops the dial from spinning continuosly when spinned. when place one the portal, the eyes of the skylander will glow the color of the element (the symbol glows as well), and the game processes which element you have picked, which is changable during gameplay, but if change during gameplay, the screen will flash and the skylander's appearance will be change accordingly.