Name: Dusk-Bat

Dusk-Bat's official catchphrase: Dusk Till Dawn

Species: Vampire Bat

Story: Dusk-Bat lived with his group of friends and family in a cave not far from where Clawquaker lives it wasn't long after Clawquaker found his special claws that he met Dusk-Bat who was fighting off some of kaos's minions and Clawquaker decided to help after they defeated the enemies that they both decided to join the skylanders and after Master Eon tested there skills he believed they where very, very skilled and enlisted them both in the skylanders army.

Attack 1: Skulls Away (Dusk-Bat throws skulls at his enemies when upgraded they explode on impact)

Attack 2: Wings Of Fury (Dusk-Bat slashes his enemies with his wings when upgraded they do combos Attack 1, Attack 1, hold Attack 1 causes Tornado Slash. Attack 1, Attack 1, hold Attack 2 causes Uppercut Blades

Attack 3: Swarming Flock (Dusk-Bat launches tiny bats at his enemies causing damage when upgraded Dusk-Bat can summon 5 bats at once)

Soul Gem: Never Dead (When an enemy is defeated by Dusk-Bats Swarming Flock attack the enemy is transformed into a bat and attacks enemies)