Name: Clawquaker

Clawquake official catchphrase: Struck in Claw

Species: Clawed Cave Monkey

Story: Clawquake lived in the eastern side of the Molekin Mine with his tribe. Swinging from stalagtites, Clawquake never had a worry in the world. That is, until a criminal Hob 'n' Yaro stole his swinging claws, a tribe leader's one tool against invaders. While trying to get them back, Clawquaker ran into Dino Rang, who had repossesed Clawquaker's claws. With gratitude, Clawquaker joined the honorable and generous Skylanders.

Fun Fact: Clawquaker still keeps a care free attitude. Although, this becomes a problem when he's stuck with a bomb or when he's in charge.

Attack 1: Knuckle Dagger (Clawquaker extends his claws for powerful attacks).

Attack 2: Stalagmite Prison (Clawquaker digs his claws in to the ground and creates a spiked prison of stalagtites around his enemy).

Attack 3: Stalagtite Launcher (Clawquaker fires stalagtites from his tail to impale his enemies).