Name: Blastroid

Blastroid's official catchphrase: Bring the Blast

Species: Armored Troll

Story: Inspired by the tale of a dragon who made an almost invincible suit of robotic armor, a troll named Blastroid built his own robotic armor made of troll technology. Unfortunately, most of the troll's tech were explosives. It wasn't until the 10th try that he made the greatest armor in all of trollkind. This armor, however, left the other trolls greedy and wanted the suit for themselves. Knowing his suit had a greater purpose, he joined Master Eon and the skylanders.

Fun Fact: In his humble beginnings, Blastroid was an eager inventor. His first invention was self lighting dynamite. His success was extremely short lived.

Attack 1: Finger Pistols (Blasteroid shoots lasers at a rapid rate).

Attack 2: Disc Launcher (Blasteroid lauch homing discs at his enemies. Upgrade allows his discs to become mines).

Attack 3: Troll Thrusters (Blasteroid flys around until gas runs out. While flying, press attack 1 then 2 to drop a self propelled tank).

Soul Gem: Big Bang Bomb (Blasteroid can now launch a huge high tech bomb at his enemies ny holding down Attack 2).