Name: Armourpian

Catchprase: Armoured And Ready

Species: Armoured Scorpian

Story: Invented in the tech civilization for Project All Elements, Armourpian was designed as the tech representative with the power of the Eternal Tech Source. After the Arkeyans attacked Skylands, Armourpian was forced into shut down mode and was buried under the Battlefield. Years later, the Skylanders collected the Eternal Tech Source and, some how, reactivated Armourpian. With gratitude and a possible new purpose, Armourpian joined the Skylanders and the other members of the All Element Project.

Attack 1: Guidence Laser ( Armourpian fires laser from his pincers and stinger which lock on to near by enemies)

Attack 2: Rocket Stingers ( Armourpian releases two rocket pods from his back which fire stinger like missle which home in on enemies when upgraded)

Attack 3: Magnet Pincers (Armourpian grabs items and enemies with a magnetic beam coming from his pincers and launches them)

Soul Gem: Advanced Arkeyan Armour (Armourpians protective shell is upgraded with Hi-tech Arkeyan armour plating and protects it from all tech type attacks)